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O’Connor Memorials

 headstone supplier with over 100 years of industry experience


O’Connor Memorials provides quality, custom-designed headstones to customers throughout Co. Kerry, crafted using either granite, marble or limestone. Our headstones come in a huge number of sizes and shapes and are carved by our own master craftsmen to the highest of professional standards. We provide customers with a range of different shades, designs, shapes and finishes to suit their needs. If you are unsure of which design you would like to choose, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, we are always happy to provide some friendly, practical advice. From plain marble headstones to intricately designed headstones, we have something to suit all tastes and budgets.

We craft our memorials using only the finest-quality materials to ensure their quality for hundreds of years.

We provide our customers with a variety of options and offer a bespoke design service for those looking for something unique for their loved one. We provide an inscription service and work with families on choosing the most appropriate headstones and designs. All of our work comes with a structural guarantee.

Different cemeteries will have different rules and regulations with regards to headstone sizes and specifications. We always make sure to advise our customers on any rules and regulations which may be in place. We can also assist with the application for any and all necessary permits for your chosen cemetery.


For more information on the range of headstones we have available, please contact us.

Limestone Headstones

For decades, O’Connor Memorials has been providing the very best Limestone headstones. Limestone headstones have been used in Ireland for centuries and are beautiful and fitting memorials to a person’s life. For more information on these gravestones, please see our Limestone Headstones page.

Headstones FAQ

What kind of headstones do you sell?

Here at O’Connor Memorials, we sell a wide range of headstones in granite, marble, and limestone. These are available to purchase in a range of personalised styles, shapes, and designs.

Do you provide carvings and emblems on headstones?

Yes, we provide custom engraving and inscriptions on all headstones, offering a personalised engraving service for all customers.

What is the best kind of stone to make a headstone out of?

This all depends on the style of headstone you want and your budget. We sell granite, marble, and limestone headstones and are happy to offer our professional advice and recommendations for customers.

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